What Could Be The Drawbacks Of Solar Energy

 As we've all herd solar energy is the way of the new world. In fact, Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) require that a specified percentage of the electricity utilities sell comes from renewable resources. Meaning that some states require that the power company shall take steps to make certain percentage of the useable power from sources that are renewable. And because solar energy power panels are so efficient that it allows for us as people to take steps to help with where this world is going for the next generations. solar energy systems Port St Lucie.

 But who is in charge of the policy regarding renewable energy or what has come of the solar world. In some cases there are multiple local and federal government agencies that have put laws in place, but as a rule whichever agency has a more strict law is the one you need to fallow. That being said it's the EPA that is in charge of the minimum standards, meaning a state law can only meet the requirements or make them higher. 

So who is the EPA? The EPA is the regulatory agency because Congress authorizes them to write regulations that explain the technical, operational, and legal details necessary to implement laws to regarding certain issues or standards like solar energy systems.

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What is the EPA? The Energy Policy Act also known as the EPA addresses energy production and along with renewable energy in the United States, including but not limited to (a) energy efficiency (b) renewable energy like solar energy systems (c) gas and oil (d) coal (e) Tribal energy (f) nuclear security (g) vehicles and motor fuels,  AND MUCH MORE... solar energy panels system Port St Lucie.

As solar energy systems get more popular the laws must step up and protect two things. One, is the consumer that is purchasing the solar energy panels systems. And two, the law has to make sure that the solar energy power systems that are sold we deliver and meet the minimum requirements of both safety and consumer product quality policy. But until we feel that those needs have been met we need to do our own homework as to whether solar energy panels is the right thing for us. solar energy power port St Lucie.

So lets look at the positives and negatives of the matter. 

1, solar energy systems do not work all the time. And what I mean is that solar energy panels technology generate power only during daytime. But the truth is, is that most homes that have a solar energy system the is a sufficient size collect enough energy during the day to make up for the night time. So to me personally that drawback can has been eliminated.

2. solar energy power panels system take a huge amount of space. The good news is that most consumers that are looking into buying a solar energy system own their own roofs. This enables us to use space that we weren't using in the first place. Problem solved. 

3. solar energy gives us energy independence. There's simply no arguing with that thought. It's always a positive factor when you can stop relying on something that can stop working do to so many factors like the weather or an unforeseen accident. 

4. solar energy power systems are eco-friendly. And this can only mean one thing, it helps the environment. We can all come to the understanding that solar energy creates clean, renewable source of power using the sun. This benefits the environment as it's an alternatives to fossil fuels which reduces our carbon footprint as well as reducing the greenhouse gases around the world. 

5. solar energy panels systems currently have a tax benefits to the buying consumer. This is good to anyone who purchases a solar energy system in the U.S. An other words you can deduct a certain amount of money from your personal taxes. However, please make sure to talk to a legal tax attorney or to a licensed CPA before making the decision based on that.

6. solar energy systems only make financial sense if the payment on your solar energy system is less than the power energy bill you received on a monthly bases. This could be absolutely true. I personally would only buy a solar system if the monthly payment on the system was lower than the monthly power bill I'm able to avoid. You should also know if you're going to live in the same home for many years to come before purchasing an y expensive system that is likely to stay with the property. solar panels Port St Lucie Florida.

If you have any information regarding solar energy system please post it in the comments below. 

PLEASE NOTE everything written here is just my opinion.